Sunday, March 25, 2012

Very Berry Cafe

After my trip in Higashiyama, I met up with some friends to have dinner. We ended up at a cute cafe near Teramachi called Very Berry Cafe. While it was overpriced, the design of the restaurant makes up for it--it's a completely American-themed cafe. The one we went into (there are a few different Very Berry Cafes in Kyoto) had a huge American flag on the wall, a Simpsons figure on the shelf, and had a TV playing Shrek. I was the only actual American in that cafe, though. :P

Like I said, it was kind of overpriced -- around 1200 yen for the set meal (burger, drink, and small dish of ice cream), but individual items were around 900 yen, side dishes around 500 yen, and desserts all around 700-1000 yen. I settled for just the set meal, but I was so, so tempted by the coconut milk time, I guess.

I really want coasters like this.

Cute ice cream spoon.

Deserted Teramachi.

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