Sunday, March 25, 2012

Roll Cake and Pierogies in Japan

Yesterday I probably should've done one last spring break trip, but after my Osaka adventure, I was still worn out (and a little short on cash). I would've just spent the day catching up on stuff at home, but I still really wanted that cake I couldn't get the day before, so I went down to Hirakata Station for my cake.

I really love the roll cakes from near the station, though they're kind of expensive...1260 yen for one (less if you go to the different shop, though there aren't strawberries on top of it). Although they are huge (especially if you're devouring one by yourself), so that kind of makes up for the price.

I also splurged a bit and bought flour and potatoes. To make pierogies. I love love love love love pierogies and as a Pennsylvanian whose high school has pierogies on a nearly daily basis, I've been in a pierogi deficiency for the past few months. Somehow, I managed to make some on my own! Most had a really odd shape, except for the last two I made when I finally figured out the best way to put them together. I still have all the ingredients to make more...I may suffer from a pierogi overdose soon.

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